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Dean's Welcome

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The College system is what makes UC San Diego special. Our small colleges help students thrive in a welcoming community. Students have access to personalized advising, support services and leadership opportunities with all the advantages of one of the best institutions in the world.


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Check out the calendar for upcoming meetings and submission deadlines.


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Creating a culture of inclusion means investing in opportunities to reinforce our strengths and blaze new trails. Help us propel possibilities for all by contributing to the Campaign for UC San Diego is a $2 billion comprehensive fundraising effort to transform our campus.

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At UC San Diego, we believe education should be accessible to all ambitious and talented students. Therefore, we are proud to announce the launch of the Latinx/Chicanx Academic Excellence Initiative, a campus-wide program designed to reflect and serve California’s fastest growing demographic. This means attracting and supporting a diverse faculty, staff and student community—making UC San Diego a place where generations rise. To find out more about the initiative, please visit

Listen to what students are saying

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